Portege Z35-AST3N06 Ultrabook – The Ultralight Computer From Toshiba

Ultrabook is considerably a new category in the industry, but its market is now crowded with numerous products from many reputable manufacturers. Basically, ultrabook has a slimmer body when compared to laptop; as a matter of fact, such design is the major selling point.

Nonetheless, as the competition in the market grows, manufacturers cannot rely on the slim profile only; refinements should be applied in all aspects for the products to continue to sell. A prime example of such a product is the Toshiba Portege Z35-AST3N06 Ultrabook, which is a part of the Z30 series. Toshiba actually released some products included in Portege Z35 model; the most popular is the Z35-ASTN06, which has 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

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The Toshiba Portege  Z35-AST3N06 equipped with latest 4th generation Intel Core i7-4500U mobile processor with impressive design, screen size, memory, expandability features, storage, and connectivity.Toshiba Portege Z35-AST3N06 Ultrabook


One of the most distinguishable features of Toshiba Portege Z35-AST3N06  is the magnesium alloy chassis, which ensures the durability aspect of the skinny device. The ultrabook weighs only 2.6 pounds and 0.63″ thin. This series is one of the lightest among 13.3-inch ultrabooks currently available in the market.

Another important part of the profile is the LED backlit keyboard with a spill-resistant feature. The screen is a HD TruBite LED display with 1366×768 native resolution 16:9 aspect ratio; it also supports 720p contents.



The Portege  Z35-AST3N06 are also great in terms of memory and storage device. It has 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz and 256GB SSD. No optical drive available; however, a high speed USB (3.0) port, so it is good for connecting a portable DVD drive. Users can expand the memory with Micro SD card, Mini SD card, or Micro SDHC.

Battery life

According to the manufacturer, the 4-cell/52Wh Lithium-Ion battery can run up to 12 hours per charge. Both ultrabooks mentioned are Energy Star qualified, meaning that they use less energy than any conventional computers do. Battery life is always a concern because the ultrabooks do not have user-replaceable batteries. The battery comes with standard 1-year warranty.


Except the absence of modem port,  Portege Z35-AST3N06  has a good range of connectivity options including the Intel Wi-Fi Wireless networking and Bluetooth 4.0.  Prtege  Z35-AST3N06 equipped with 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking, full HD webcam (2.0M) and stereo microphone.


A latest Windows 8.1 64 bit  is the pre-installed operating system. Other programs include Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Office 365, Internet Explorer 10, Norton Internet Security, and some Toshiba software and utilities.


The Portege  Z35-AST3N06  basically feature standard specifications, but has a powerful 4th generation Intel  processor. The aluminum chassis is durable and the body is slim; they can be the major selling points. The features such as hard drive capacity and screen size and may not be good enough for gamers or professional users, but the ultrabook will surely handle everyday computing tasks with ease.

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