Shopping Online or How I Saved $50 in 3 Minutes

One of my  friends on a Facebook asked the question about how people would prefer to shop on Black Friday. The choices were either online or  in-store. My friends who like online shopping mentioned  convenience and saving time.The other group, who would go for in-store shopping, pointed out that  ”it’s so much fun to go to the store.”

My own experience with shopping online started when we moved to North Carolina and bought a new house. I had to decorate it, and department store where I shopped for curtains never had the items I  needed. I  checked a website and discovered that not did the store have a wide collection in stock online, but they had “online only” items.

The shipping and return were free, easy and convenient. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with online shopping. For the past seven years I’ve saved thousands of dollars just shopping online. Everything- electronics, TV, computers, gifts, big or small items were shipped free with no tax directly to my house without any damage.

Saving Money - Shopping Online

Here is one example. I needed to replace a bathtub, which is a very large item. Of course, I took a trip to a home-improvement store and  chose what I wahted. Then, I shopped online. In Home Depot, this bathtub cost $2500. I found exactly the same one for $1900 plus free shipping and no tax.

If I bought it  in a  store, I would have had  to pay $165 tax. Do the little math and you can see that I’ve saved 2500-1900+165=765 dollars. Yes, it took me a couple of hours, but there is my question-are you making $765 a day?

The only problem with online shopping is that you need to know exactly what you’re buying.

If you’re not sure, check  stores, see an item, and decide if you like it. Don’t buy anything without checking the price on the internet. Don’t forget to read the return policy.

Some stores state that they  will ”match the price.” Not in my world. Just recently, I was in the market for a  keyboard for my computer and  stopped by  Staples. The price online was $49.99. In store, manager gave me the lowest price $59.99, plus I had to pay tax. Well, I got it from Amazon with free shipping and no tax. Savings- $14.00, similar to what many workers make in an hour or two.

And then there are coupons. This is how I saved $50 in 3 minutes. On a Black Friday, when I shopped for a computer,  found one. Then, I looked for online coupons, codes and deals. It took me 3 minutes to find a deal and coupon code for this computer. I applied the coupon code during checkout and saved my $50. Easy, convenient, and risk free.

There are some statistics* about online shopping incentives:

  • More than 74% of retailers offering free shipping
  • 60% of shoppers finding better deals online
  • 47% avoiding crowds

You can decide for yourself how you’re going to shop, but please consider to give the online shopping a chance. Tell us what you think about online shopping.  Share your experience with us, tell your story, write reviews about services and products.

Happy shopping!

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*Source: Accenture


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